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Why is it convenient to cut your hair and how much?

To clean the split ends

The ends can be opened by our lifestyle (imbalanced feeding, swimming practice in swimming pools, etc.), chronic exposure to environmental pollution or hair aging by chemical or mechanical treatments (irons, dryers, dyes, keratins).

All these factors affect the quality of the bulb and fiber, which lose lipids, the hair becomes increasingly porous and dry, it breaks easily and the tips age.

To save the color

If after coloring or subjecting it to keratin treatments, we do not use suitable products to treat it, we quickly lose color and the hair becomes dull and dull. Not to mention the excess sun. This is also one of the reasons why hair lightens and oxidizes.

The free radicals of the sun and the chemical treatments microinflate the bulb and the hair fiber, sensitizing the hair and producing an oxidation that causes that the color in means and ends is lost. Therefore, if we cut a good length of hair we can achieve the optical effect of a more uniform color. Of course, as long as we do not already have root, in which case only another color will save us.

To keep the cut

Apparently the hair does not grow equally in all regions, why? In addition to the change of seasons, the hair falls with the braided hairstyles (pigtails and braids) and breaks randomly when combing it, making it easy to lose the shape of the cut.

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