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Why is important to have the correct hair care products.

Many people think the products you use on your hair does not matter. I can’t express how untrue this is . It is very important to use the proper products made to help your own personal hair needs . If a person has dry or brittle hair they need a shampoo and conditioner to impart moisture . A person with thinning hair will need a shampoo and conditioner to help stimulate there scalp , this will cause your blood to start circulating  . A person with normal hair will need products that will not strip their hair of its natural moisture.

When you use the wrong products it could have such a bad impact on your hair. Take for instance if you are using a clarifying shampoo yet your hair is dry or brittle this will cause  your hairs natural oils to be stripped away ,which will cause the parts of your hair that’s dry after a while to snap causing breakage. If you have color treated hair you would want a shampoo that will help treat color hair . It should have an anti color fade agent ,as well as moisturizing agents to add luster and moisture . Color is a very drying component ,your hair will need as much moisture as it can get .

Now lets understand something when we speak of moisture this doesn’t mean oil . yes oil is good but to much of something can also be bad . Our bodies constantly are changing and so does our hair . When our hair and scalp changes we need to then change our shampoo and conditioner as well. In order to know what is the correct shampoo and conditioner we have to first know the state of our hair. So lets talk about that!

When you shampoo your hair if after your done your hair feels like a Brillo pad ( for lack of better words) this tells us your hair is dry . Either it was dry before you shampooed and the shampoo was just the icing on top of the cake ,or the shampoo dried it out. Nine times out of ten it was probably dry already and the shampoo just didn’t help because it was the wrong product for your hair. My mother , my sister , my father and brother may all have good healthy hair yet this does not mean we all have the same texture of hair so we all may need four different sets of shampoo and conditioner . Why? Because I may have dry hair ,my mother may have dry scalp, my dad may have over productive sebaceous glands ( oil glands) , my sister may have normal hair ,and my brother may have dry hair and dry scalp .

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